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Pool Bond Election Set For Tuesday

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The Elgin Swimming Pool Renovation Project goes before voters on Tuesday, Nov. 10. Polls at the K.C. Hall in Elgin will open at 8 a.m. and stay open til 8 p.m. to allow citizens to cast their vote for or against the renovation project for the swimming pool.
Plans to renovate the pool have been discussed, in earnest, for more than a year. Renovations are expected to cost approximately $1.3 million. Just last week it was announced that nearly $500,000 from the Tunink Trust has been gifted to the Elgin Community Foundation to be used towards the project.The ballot language reads as follows:
“Shall the City of Elgin, Nebraska, borrow money and pledge the property and credit of the City upon its negotiable bonds in the principal amount of not to exceed Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000) for the purpose of paying the costs of improvements required for the renovation of the existing swimming pool of the City of Elgin, Nebraska; said bonds to be dated and become due and payable, both principal and interest, on such date or dates as may be fixed by the Mayor and Council of the City at the time of their issuance and to bear interest at such rate or rates as shall be determined by the Mayor and Council of the City of Elgin; and
“Shall the City cause to be levied and collected annually, if needed, a special levy of taxes on the taxable value of all the taxable property in the City, in addition to available sales taxes and all other taxes, in an amount sufficient to pay the principal of and interest on said bonds as such principal and interest become due?”
If a majority of the votes cast upon such question shall be in favor of such bonds and tax, then the Mayor and Council of the City shall be empowered to issue such bonds and to impose a tax upon all of the taxable property in the City sufficient to pay the interest on and principal of such bonds as the same shall fall due. If a majority of those voting on the question shall be opposed to such bonds and tax, then the Mayor and Council of the City shall not issue such bonds or impose such tax.

Congrats To Both Of Our Varsity Teams!!

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2nd-round-playoff-fb-districts-vb-copyrightOur boys and girls have worked hard and the results are showing! Boys had a big win in Hemingford yesterday. They will host neighboring Clearwater-Orchard at 7 pm on Tuesday, November 10.

The girls will play in the district game tonight, 7 pm at Norfolk Catholic High School. They will meet up with Crofton. Winner of tonight’s match will play their first-round state volleyball game on Thursday in Lincoln.

Behnk, Selting “Pride of the ‘Pack” This Week.

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aotw-lizdylan-poster-onlineWith both Wolfpack teams now in post-season play, Liz Selting and Dylan Behnk once again stood out this past week in games.

Junior Liz helped steer the Wolfpack in a tough Niobrara Valley Conference tournament. In the three matches played, Liz recorded 48 kills, 12 ace serves and 33 digs. The team received the fourth place trophy in the tourney.

Senior Dylan Behnk’s sure hands came in “handy” in the Axtell playoff game. Dylan had 5 catches for a total of 89 yards. Of those catches, 3 were touchdowns. On the defensive end of the ball, Dylan had 1 interception plus a blocked punt.

Congratulations to Dylan and Liz!

This week’s Pride of the ‘Pack-Athletes of the Week is sponsored by Sapp Bros. Petroleum.

Hemingford Game Time, Bus Information UPDATE: BUS CANCELLED

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According to EPS AD Michael Becker, EPPJ will be playing at Hemingford High School on Wednesday November 4th.  Game time will be at 1:00 Mountain standard time or 2:00 Central time.

That is a long drive so here’s some good news for fams wanting to attend. According PJCC Principal Betty Getzfred, the Wolfpack will have a spirit bus for students grades 7-12.  For adults, if there is enough interest there will be a Charter bus 47 people — price $45 per person. Please call Elgin Public (402-843-2455) or Pope John (402-843-5325) to reserve a seat.  The schools will need to know (and have a full bus) by 4:00 p.m , Monday, Nov 2nd.

Elgin EMTs Add An Ambulance

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In recent weeks, the Elgin Rescue unit has added to its rescue arsenal. According to local EMT member Vicki Miller, the purchase has been long in the making.
“Discussion was held about 2 years ago to look for a new unit,” she said.  “But, with our low personnel numbers, we couldn’t see spending $200,000.00 to purchase a new unit. We thought we had a used one available but they sold it to a neighboring department.”
So the Elgin department began the search process.
“We saw an ad asking for a bid on a 2002 Road Rescue unit.  We voted to submit a bid for $40,000.00,” Miller said. Fortunately for the department, their bid was accepted.
Once the purchase was made, a thorough once-over was needed to be sure it was in “ready to roll” condition.
“We had FireFox (FireFox Rescue Equipment of York) go through it to make sure everything worked and to install a radio,” Miller continued.
The additional work from FireFox cost the department about $5,000.00 according to Miller.
Additional Equipment Pur-chased
The department’s needs go beyond the ambulance. They also need to be current on the equipment within the ambulance.
“When looking into purchasing a power lift cot, we were introduced to a power load which basically loads the cot and patient without much actual lifting,” Miller explained.  This is beneficial to the patient and the crew. “This will help save backs and allow the women on the unit to be able to load with needing ‘man power.’”
Nothing is free and the cost of the power load is quite steep.  Miller noted recently donated funds will help ease the financial load. “The Elgin Community Foundation has given us a grant of $3,000.00 but any donations are certainly welcome. A recent donation from the Bargain Box will be used to help purchase the power load,” she said.
The Elgin City Council has also approved giving the department sales tax funds for a new stair chair.  The stair chair helps transfer the patient from tight quarters and stairs.
The advantages of having two rescue units equipped appropriately are tremendous. “By having the same equipment in two reliable units,” Miller adds,  “(it) allows us to better serve the community.”
Funds are always needed in order to keep the Elgin Rescue Department current with their rescue needs. For more information on how you can help in any way, contact Miller at the Elgin City Hall.

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