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Reflecting On Sacrifices Made

June 19, 2014 by lmorgan · Comments Off 

The Vietnam Moving Wall brought generations together, reflecting on the sacrifices of those who have served our country.  This photo is from tonight’s dedication ceremony. The Wall will be in Elgin until 8 a.m. on Monday morning. E-R photo

Historic Hotel Serving As ‘The Depot’ During Q125

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With current and former residents and visitors descending upon Elgin beginning Thursday night, there will be a lot of needs that need to be met.  Food? Check. Entertainment? Check. Family & Fellowship? Check. A Q125 headquarters for memorabilia? Check.
It is only fitting that the former Logan Hotel building should come to house the headquarters for Elgin’s Q125 celebration. Located at 112 North 2nd Street (Highway 14), the land and that old hotel building have a storied history.
The land was patented on June 28, 1872 to the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad. It was sold several times before being purchased by an individual. That individual who then owned the hotel lot was the man responsible for Elgin’s name, Postmaster William Eggleston.
Eggleston purchased the property on June 30, 1887 - the “birth” year of Elgin. After several more sales, sometime shortly before 1911, the building on that lot was officially recognized as a hotel.
Years passed, the original building burned in the fire of 1909, ownership of the land and new building continued to change.  Then with its sale to Raymond and LaVerne Seier in 1978, it was first run as a ceramics shop and in 1980 changed into a residence for the Seier family to accommodate all their children and grandchildren when they came to visit.
Following the passing of the Seiers, the building eventually came up for auction in 1992. Mike and Connie Dvorak of Elgin purchased the building. According to Connie, the building needed some work.
“We took the top story off. The windows were falling out,” she said. They also blocked off the back entrance and other windows. After that work was done, the building was in fairly good shape. “It had a working bathroom, a new roof,” Connie added. “It was in pretty good repair.”
It became a business again for a while but then sat empty — until recent months, that is. Mike said they had an idea and arranged a visit with the Elgin Q125 committee.
“We approached them last fall,” he said. The Dvoraks suggested the committee utilize the building and its central location as a headquarters. Earlier this year, the committee decided to take them up on their offer.
For the last couple of months, committee members (with some help from the Dvoraks) have been cleaning and decorating the interior. The exterior received some decorating several weeks ago and just last Friday morning, Mike Dvorak and Merle Moser hung the new sign, “The Depot”.
Items that may be purchased include commemorative T-shirts, Elginopoly board game, travel mugs, batter bowls, salt & pepper shakers, plates, Young-N-Lively cookbooks, belt buckles and much more!  Please be advised that they will accept checks and cash only — no credit or debit cards.
The headquarters will be manned by volunteers beginning Friday morning, June 20.
Hours will be 8 am - 9 pm EXCEPT the building will be closed during the parade on Sunday (1-4 pm).

Sirens Signal Danger, All Clear

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In the city of Elgin, the fire whistle is used to alert citizens of immediate severe weather dangers.
Three 30-second blasts from the whistle indicate that residents should take immediate cover as a tornado may be approaching.
Citizens should remain in their place of safety until they hear the one minute-long blast which tells them that the danger has passed.

Vietnam Moving Wall Arrives In Elgin

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the-wall_5467-wA good number of people lined main street to pay the proper respect to - and welcome - the Vietnam Moving Wall. The Legion Riders escorted the components of The Wall from Albion to Elgin with it arriving shortly after 8:30 am.  Setup will continue throughout the day with the Dedication Ceremony beginning at 5 pm this evening.  The Wall will be guarded and open 24 hours a day through Monday morning for viewers. It is setup behind Elgin Public Library, just off Bowen Street.  E-R photo

2014 Bull-A-Rama A Funfest!

June 15, 2014 by lmorgan · Comments Off 

The bulls have been loaded up and the riders are nursing some sore muscles.  The winner of tonight’s Bull-A-Rama in Elgin was Garrett Wickett of Battle Creek.  Wickett, one of the younger riders, led going into the Short Go with 85 points.  He was the only rider to last 8 seconds in the Short Go and was scored an 81.  E-R photo

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