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Cedar Creek 4H Club To “Share The Wealth” From Their Garden

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Posing in front of their new garden shed and with some of their new gardening tools are Cedar Creek club members and parents, l-r:  Sawyer Veik, Heather Veik, Myles Veik, Landyn Veik (in wheel barrow), Lori Beckman, Erin Beckman, Diane Nelson, Amy Nelson, Grace Henn, Sandi Henn and Anne Meis. The club was able to purchase the new equipment with grant monies recently received from Farm Credit Services of America’s “Working Here Fund”. E-R photo

Posing in front of their new garden shed and with some of their new gardening tools are Cedar Creek club members and parents, l-r: Sawyer Veik, Heather Veik, Myles Veik, Landyn Veik (in wheel barrow), Lori Beckman, Erin Beckman, Diane Nelson, Amy Nelson, Grace Henn, Sandi Henn and Anne Meis. The club was able to purchase the new equipment with grant monies recently received from Farm Credit Services of America’s “Working Here Fund”. E-R photo

By Lynell Morgan, Co-Publisher
See full story in this week’s print copy of The Elgin Review

Elgin’s Cedar Creek 4H club really knows how to “produce” when it comes to vegetable gardens.
Five years ago, the 4H club was presented with a great opportunity. A plot of land was made available to them to use as a garden project. Five year’s later, what a garden it is becoming.
According to club member parents Lori Beckman, Diane Nelson, Anne Meis and Sandi Henn, it is a group project with the main purpose to provide vegetables for members to enter in the Antelope County Fair but it helps in more ways. The garden also provides produce for club members, their families and the community.
Last week, while members were busy hoeing, tilling, watering and using the old-fashioned method of getting down on their knees and pulling weeds, they took a break from work to share their experience of the garden.
“We’ve donated (produce) to the schools (St. Boniface Elementary School and Pope John XXIII Central Catholic) and the senior center,” explained Sandi Henn. In past year’s they have had an abundance of zucchini, cucumbers and tomatoes. Henn went on to explain that they try to work the garden about two hours a week, tilling and hoeing, trying to keep the weeds down and the plants well watered. For Henn, the garden is a looked-forward-to job. “I love it,” she said about working the garden.
This well-groomed garden had a rocky start this year. Anne Meis says that the potatoes were planted - on time - on Good Friday. They then were kind of ignored for a while.

“The first day out, I just — I said ‘I give up!’”, said Meis. Members Grace Henn, Amy Nelson and Erin Beckman shared their likes, and one common dislike, about the club project.
Grace names the variety in the garden as her favorite thing.  “I like the different colored things,” she said, giving the example of the multi-colored carrots planted (orange, purple, yellow and white). “I also like taking the produce to the fair and just eating it.”
Amy also likes showing the produce at the fair plus, “I like taking some of it home. I like the different variety of things we plant”.
Along with the unique plants that the club has put in the garden  - “I like the weird vegetables like kohlrabi”, Erin has a special connection to the garden. It is located on her late grandparent’s farm (Jerome Roth) and a section of it is her grandmother’s old garden area. “I thought, it’s like she’s still alive,” Erin said when heard of the plans to plant a garden in her grandmother’s old garden.
Onions, kale, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, okra, carrots, dill, rhubarb, beans, mini pumpkins, potatoes, sweet peppers, hot peppers — and that’s just some of what they have growing in their little piece of heaven.
With that list, you can imagine it takes quite a few hands to make this garden a success.
The club has members ranging in age from five to eighteen. While some club members don’t have time to help with the garden, when everyone who can help does help, things running quickly and smoothly. Club members currently involved with the garden project are Grace Henn, Amy Nelson, Erin Beckman, Landyn Veik, Michael Selting, Allison Selting, Elizabeth Selting, Jon Meis and Marie Meis.
Produce Available For The Public
As long as the weather continues to cooperate, the Cedar Creek club plans on having extra produce to share. If you are interested in some items out of their garden, please contact parents Anne Meis (402-843-2285) or Lori Beckman (402-843-0436). They will let you know what is currently available and make arrangements for pickup. Any monies donated to the club in return will be used for additional and/or replacement tools and items needed at the garden.

Justine Meis, home from college, is shown helping weed the garden. E-R photo

Justine Meis, home from college, is shown helping weed the garden. E-R photo

Next Tuesday, For All Ages

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Fax Gilbert in Elgin

Fax Gilbert at the Elgin Community Center

A little information from his bio…

Fax Gilbert is a performance artist and educator who uses mime, masks, magic, physical comedy and audience interaction to create programs that connect with his audience.

Fax began performing with the National Mime Theater Company in Boston following his graduation from Brandeis University. He then created his own interactive program using his mime training as base and adding physical comedy, magic, masks, and even some puppetry to increase his ability to connect with any audience. He has since brought his programs to 42 states and a dozen foreign countries.

During the past 23 years Fax has presented over 5,000 school assembly programs, residencies, teacher-in-services, community concerts, library programs, corporate functions, and keynoted many regional educational events. He is represented on the Arts Councils of Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, and travels the Midwest full time delivering a range of educational programs from Character Development, to State History Plays, to Health and Wellness Programs, to Creative Dramatics Residencies.

In 1990 Fax and his wife, Sharon, moved to Iowa, where he created Fax Gilbert Programs

Susan Gehl Promoted At Citizens State Bank

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Susan Gehl

Susan Gehl

The Board of Directors of Citizens State Bank has announced the promotion of Susan Gehl to Vice President. Susan Gehl has been employed by Citizens State Bank since March of 2012 as a Loan Officer in Spalding as well as at the loan production office in Elgin.  Susan’s main office is at Citizens Spalding location.
She is a native of Ericson, Nebraska.  Susan and her husband, Greg, own and manage a cow/calf and row crop operation east of Ericson.  Greg and Susan have three daughters, Sydney 22 years, Kodi 18 years and Neleigh 15 years.
Susan received her Bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness from University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Before coming to Citizens she was employed nine years by Cargill in their Central Nebraska area in various roles, including their sales and grain marketing advisory service.  Hobbies include attending calf shows with her daughters and helping with the family cattle operation.
Citizens State Bank is a $338 million bank with locations in Belden, Creston, Friend, Laurel, Leigh, Spalding, West Point, Wisner and in Kansas, Arlington and Attica. Citizens State Bank is a subsidiary of Citizens National Corporation located in Wisner, Nebraska.  Citizens National also owns Cass County Bank, a $71 million bank located in Plattsmouth, Nebraska.

Bloodmobile Visits Elgin

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Craig Niewohner donates blood. E-R photo

Craig Niewohner donates blood. E-R photo

The final figures aren’t completed yet but this week’s blood drive did meet and surpass its goal.  Picture here, Elgin’s Craig Niewohner is getting the needle inserted by a Red Cross worker on Tuesday. E-R photo

What Is This? Bizarro World? II

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Lynell Morgan

This inspiration for my writing this week isn’t local but it has implications across the board.
Beginning last week, a national story was breaking about Washington state NAACP official (now ex-NAACP official) Rachel Dolezal. If you haven’t heard the story, you are living in a non-news bubble which isn’t always a bad thing.
Here is the Cliff’s Notes version of the story. Dolezal is a white woman living as a black woman. No crime there. Dolezal’s parents, when questioned by a reporter, went on the record saying that she is a white woman. So what? Dolezal, when questioned by a reporter, bumbles about and avoids answering the question. Again, so what?
It’s all about the lie.
Yes, she’s an ex-official but it isn’t because she lied. Seattle City Council President Ben Stuckart said that, while heading a police oversight commission, she discussed confidential names of whistleblowers in open discussions. That would be an ethics rule violation.  The timing of the release of the ethics violation investigation report couldn’t be more perfect. The complaint was filed in mid-April and boom, the you-know-what hits the fans on Wednesday. They didn’t have to address “the lie”.
Back to the lie.
Did she lie to get her position with the NAACP? According to spokespeople for the the NAACP, that wouldn’t have been necessary since many of their employees are of other races. An investigation is ongoing as to whether she lied on past applications throughout the years (colleges, jobs, etc) where she would have gotten preferential treatment as an African-American versus a Caucasian.
She says that she identifies with the black population. Yes, that is possible.  I identify as a young, tall, athletic woman. Does that make me one?  Nope.
She has permed her hair, tans and/or wears dark makeup. Is that a crime?  Nope.  But put it in this context if you will: also in Washington state, a photo of a white female high school student with a bad tan appeared in the yearbook. Text over the photo said “do you think this is my color?”. OMG, you would swear the world was coming to an end!!!!  She was accused of wearing “blackface”, the school had to issue an apology and is putting stickers over the photo. I also hear that she is being cyber-bullied. Imagine that.
So we have one woman who deliberately makes herself look darker and one who over-did it with a tan. One is receiving incredible support from most of the black leadership - the likes of Al-Tawana-Brawley-Media Whore-Sharpton. If you don’t know the story or need a refresher, look up Tawana Brawley Rape Allegations.
The other young girl, with no apparent agenda, is being called racist, insensitive, blah, blah, blah. The internet trolls are doing their best to destroy her life.
Supporters of Dolezal are claiming she is a victim of her parents — they are the bad guys. Look, I have the feeling there is plenty of dirty laundry in that family.  Personally I don’t want to hear it. I quit watching reality shows and all the watch-the-poor-rich-people-have-problems shows. I don’t need that drama in my life. I get mad with myself if I get suckered into a “click-bait” link on the internet (says its about one thing but when you click on it, its about something stupid like a performance enhancement drug or, worse yet, a Kardashian. Yuk!) and I now treat the internet as the modern day National Inquirer. Only believe a fraction of what you read unless it is on a reputable site. Sorry, that’s just the way it is now.
Supporters of the badly-tanned high school girl are saying that she didn’t even think of it as a racial thing - it was a bad tan and she was trying to make light of it (pun intended).
Back to the lie.
When I was little, I learned very quickly that lying wasn’t worth it. If I did something wrong, I got in trouble but it wasn’t as bad if I fessed up to it as soon as possible. When I continued to lie or told another lie to cover the first lie, look out.  Hell hath no fury like my mom armed with a wooden spoon or the washing machine stick (if you grew up around a wringer-washing machine, you know what I’m talking about).
I don’t know what the final chapter of the Dolezal story will be. She will likely continue to live as a black woman which is fine. If she’s smart (I already know she isn’t honest), she’ll identify herself as white when asked. She’s had her 15 minutes of fame and all will be forgotten soon.
As for the high school student, this one silly photo will probably follow her the rest of her life.

The one who deliberately deceived will be forgiven. The unintentional offender will never be forgiven. All I can say is life isn’t fair.

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