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Law Enforcement Investigating Center Pivot Vandalism

June 26, 2015 by lmorgan · Comments Off 

When the sun arose Saturday morning, Keith Heithoff found a sight no center pivot owner ever wants to see.
One of his center pivots had been vandalized in the preceding hours. The incident has been reported to the Antelope County Sheriff’s Department which is conducting an investigation.
Antelope County Sheriff Bob Moore said, “Sometime Friday night or early Saturday morning, somebody engaged the electric box and walked the center pivot into the power lines,” he said, noting substantial damage was done.
While no dollar amount has been determined yet, Sheriff Moore said it would likely run into the thousands of dollars.
The pivot which was vandalized was located approximately three miles east of Elgin.
Anyone with information about the vandalism is encouraged to contact the sheriff’s department.

Park Center 4th Of July Celebration Set For Wednesday

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Everyone is welcome to attend the annual Park Center Fourth of July Celebration.
The event will be held Wednesday, July 1, at the Park Center Church grounds located 10 miles west and 1/2 mile south of Elgin.
In case of rain, the event will be held Thursday, July 2.
A potluck meal will start the evening’s festivities at 7 p.m.
There will be games and fun for all ages on the playground after the meal.
Those attending are encouraged to bring blankets and chairs.
Fireworks after dusk will culminate the patriotic celebration.

Ode To Dads This Fathers Day

June 20, 2015 by lmorgan · Leave a Comment 

Gerard "Get" Bermel

Gerard "Get" Bermel

Lynell Morgan

Is every Dad a great Dad?
With a rare exception here and there, I’m sure we all say “I love my Dad” and “he’s the greatest ever”.  Because he is/was half of a pair of people that we learned our life lessons from and we knew he had our best interests in his heart.
My dad wasn’t perfect. As I have written before - when comedian Robin Williams took his own life - my dad struggled with depression. If you weren’t a family member you likely didn’t know it. When he was down there was nothing Mom or any of us five kids could do to make him feel worthwhile and loved. He saw no hope on the bad days.
I knew the only thing I could do to get on his good side when he was down was to cook for him. I can make wonderful tapioca pudding and raisin cream pie (his favorites) courtesy of Dad’s bad days.
We treasured the good days — he loved to play pranks on us like taking all our food if we left the table to get something, taught us how to play baseball, when we were outside on a hot day we would get sprayed by the garden hose when we least expected it. Turn around — bam! “Right in the kisser” as he would say.  As we got older and hit the “teenage” years we didn’t show as much appreciation of his pranks. Sorry about those moody days Dad.
Hormones hit and, with four of the five of us kids being girls, it wasn’t pretty. We couldn’t do a lot with our friends because we had chores to do morning and night. In the summer, we spent longs days out in the hot sun doing field work - stacking hay, baling hay (small square ones), baling straw then stacking it in the awful hot barn loft, walking corn and bean fields for weeds. Forget sports or anything extra at school — again, those pesky chores got in the way. Cattle, hogs, chickens, fixing fence, working on buildings, cleaning out hog pens ……   We complained, cried, fought, got “snotty” with him, gave him the silent treatment — you name it. Why did we have to do things?  In our young minds, it wasn’t fair.
We didn’t have much money growing up but not many farmers did back then. We made do with what we had.
We five girls didn’t understand what the whole women’s rights/equality fuss in the late 60s/70s was about — it affected my oldest sister, the oldest of the kids, the most. We already had equal rights on our farm and it wasn’t very fun most days.
Thanks Dad for not trying to make everything fair.  Thanks for being tough on us. Thanks for teaching us how to play baseball. Thanks for making me a pretty decent cook. As a farmer, you taught us that while most animals were raised for food, you should always treat them well and never let them go hungry. You even shed tears over animals.
You’re gone but never forgotten.  Its been a little over five years now, I hope you found out how loved you truly were and still are. Keep looking out for us, okay?
Happy Father’s Day.

Gerard "Get" Bermel. My favorite photo of Dad.

Gerard "Get" Bermel. My favorite photo of Dad.

Moore, Other Sheriffs Support Death Penalty

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Antelope County Sheriff Bob Moore. Elgin Review file photo

Antelope County Sheriff Bob Moore. Elgin Review file photo

Antelope County Sheriff Bob Moore was one of 15 sheriffs in northeast Nebraska to express support for the death penalty.
He, and the other 14 sheriffs, support putting the repeal of the new state law that bans the death penalty, before the voters in the 2016 November general election.
According to a press release sent out by the sheriffs, “the death penalty is a matter of public safety and an important tool that is often used in criminal prosecutions of first degree murder cases.
The issue came to a head when District #41 State Senator Kate Sullivan and others voted to override Governor Pete Ricketts veto of legislation passed to abolish the death penalty. Since then, county supervisors in Pierce and Antelope County have passed resolutions of “No Confidence” in Sullivan. In Stanton County, supervisors there passed a similar resolution aimed at State Senator Paul Schumacher.
Among the other sheriffs who voiced support for the death penalty were Mike Unger, Stanton County; Rick Eberhardt, Pierce County; Vern Hjorth, Madison County; Don Henery, Knox County; Shelly Perez, Thurston County; Chris Kleinberg, Dakota County; Don Taylor, Dixon County; Denny Johnson, Boone County; Larry Koranda, Cedar County; Paul Kruse, Colfax County; Jason Dwinell, Wayne County; Chuck Wrede, Boyd County; James Anderson, Rock County; and Ben Matchett, Holt County.
Anyone with questions  are urged to contact these sheriffs.

Community Garage Sales To Be June 26-27

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With the Elgin Community-Wide Garage Sales less than two weeks away, the deadline is nearing to get your sale listed.
The Elgin garage sales will be held Friday and Saturday, June 26 & 27.
On that day, people from around the area will converge on Elgin looking for some great buys.
For sales to be included in the map to be printed in the Elgin Review’s June 24 edition, all names/locations/brief description of items must be received at the newspaper office by Monday afternoon, June 22 at 5 p.m. Being included on the list in the paper is beneficial.
A map handout will be available to garage sale shoppers no earlier than 3 p.m. on Friday, June 26.
Locations that they will be available are Elgin One Stop, Hometown Station, Dean’s Market and City Limits.
Most Friday sales will begin at 4 p.m. Saturday sales will likely start at 8 a.m.
The annual event is sponsored by the Elgin Community Club as well as The Elgin Review newspaper.

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