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Notice — Antelope County Treasurer Vacancy

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Public notice is hereby given; the Board of Supervisors has determined the elective office of Antelope County Treasurer in Antelope County, Nebraska is now vacant. Pursuant to 32-563 Nebraska Revised Statutes, the vacancy will be filled within 45 days from the date of vacancy by appointment by the Antelope County Supervisors.
Pursuant to Section 23-150 Nebraska Revised Statutes, the individual appointed to fill the vacancy must be a registered voter in, and a resident of Antelope County.
The current term of office for Antelope County Treasurer, ends on January 3, 2019. The 2015 annual salary for this elective office is $47,964.20. Health insurance and retirement benefits are available.
Individuals interested in serving in this position should submit a written application to the office of Antelope County Clerk, 501 M Street, PO Box 26, Neligh, Nebraska 68756. The application must be received by 4:30 PM on Monday, June 1, 2015. Selected applicants will be interviewed thereafter.
Antelope County does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, or marital status. This position is subject to a veteran’s preference.
Antelope County Clerk
PUBLISH: May 20 & 27, 2015

Notice of Meetings — Antelope County Board of Supervisors

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Notice is hereby given that the County Board of Supervisor’s of Antelope County, Nebraska will hold meetings in the County Supervisor’s room in the Antelope County Courthouse Annex, Neligh, Nebraska on the following dates and times:
June   2, 2015 at 9:00 AM
June   9, 2015 at 8:00 AM
June  23, 2015 at 9:00 AM
Meetings will be open to the public.  An agenda, kept continuously current, is available for public inspection at the Antelope County Clerk’s office and may be modified at such meeting to include items of an emergency nature pursuant to Section 84-1411 of the Nebraska Revised Statutes.
PUBLISH: May 20, 2015

Proceedings — Antelope County Board of Supervisors

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Neligh, Nebraska
May 12, 2015
Notice of meeting published as required by statute.
A complete record of these minutes as well as all resolutions and agreements are on file at the County Clerk’s office and are open to the public.
Those responding to roll call: Bolling, Brandt, Kerkman, Baker, Williby and Schwager.  Henery absent.
Reviewed correspondence.
Reviewed claims.  Approved claims as submitted.
(GENERAL) Amh Family Practice, Ex, 273.00; Antelope Co Court, Ex, 51.00; Antelope Co News, Ex, 12.00; Appeara, Ex, 81.60; Applied Connective Tech, Ex, 3,400.90; As Central Finance, Ex, 448.00; Bob Barker Co, Ex, 75.51; Merlin Bolling, Mlg, 33.35; Bomgaars, Ex, 681.60; Eleanor J Brady, Ps, 25.00; Harlan Brandt, Mlg, 67.98; Dean Brown, Ps, 25.00; Carhart Lumber Co, Ex, 19.67; Carney Law PC, Ex, 3,221.66; Charlayne Carpenter, Mlg, 45.14; Casey’s General, Ex, 292.05; Elgin City, Ex, 250.00; Neligh City, Ut, 5,386.41; Mildred Clemens, Ex, 18.00; District Court Assn, Ex, 75.00; Consolidated Mgt, Ex, 18.00; Creston Fertilizer Co, Ex, 256.60; Cubby’s Inc, Ex, 118.28; Dell Marketing, Ex, 169.98; Dollar General, Ex, 78.20; Dusty’s, Ex, 79.00; Eakes Office Plus, Ex, 1,236.57; Elgin One Stop, Ex, 409.70; Elgin Review, Ex, 295.85; Elite Office Prod, Ex, 744.92; Frontier Comm, Ut, 2,099.80; Great Plains Comm, Ut, 174.00; Tessa Hain, Mlg, 40.25; Lyle Hart, Mlg, 200.00; Charles F Henery, Mlg, 63.83; Holt Co Court, Ex, 3.25; Nadene Hughes, Ps , 14.00; Jack’s Uniforms, Ex, 66.00; Frank Kamphaus, Ps , 16.00; Leroy Kerkman, Mlg, 13.80; Knox Co Treasurer, Ex, 162.33; Lancaster Co Sheriff, Ex, 38.44; Jeffrey Doerr Law, Ex, 1,315.99; Madison Co Court, Ex, 3.25; Ronald J Marshall, Mlg, 265.17; Marvin Planning Consultants, Ex, 500.00; Microfilm Imaging Systems, Ex, 87.00; Mips, Ex, 404.56; Ne Health & Human Services, Ex, 174.00; Neligh News, Ex, 18.00; Neligh Postmaster, Ex, 281.85; Ok Tire, Ex, 10.50; Orchard News, Ex, 97.34; Donna Payne, Ps, 25.00; Pinnacle Bank, Ex, 168.00; Pitney Bowes, Ex, 5,000.00; Quality Inn & Suites, Ex, 201.00; Reinke’s Farm, Ex, 463.81; Reliable Office, Ex, 695.06; Sanne Rpr, Ex, 1,119.13; Schindler Elevator, Ex, 686.88; Edmund J Schindler, Ex, 132.63; Secretary Of State, Ex, 20.00; Shell Fleet Plus, Ex, 483.63; Caroline Siems, Ps, 43.00; Source Gas, Ut, 169.39; Sysco, Ex, 41.33; Thomson Reuters, Ex, 128.50; Thriftway Market, Ex, 33.37; Unl Its Communications, Ex, 93.30; Us Cellular, Ut, 360.58; Verizon Wireless, Ut, 45.81; Clearwater Village, Ex, 250.00; Wanek Pharmacy, Ex, 116.15l Bonita Welke, Ps, 22.00; Western Office Plus, Ex, 122.03; Neil Williby, Mlg, 146.05; Woods & Aitken Llp, Ex, 104.00; Zee Medical, Ex, 11.10; Rod Wilke, Mlg, 215.76,
(Road & Bridge) (At Large) Appeara, Ex, 199.17; B’s Enterprises, Ex, 5,912.00; Beaver Bearing, Ex, 719.70; Bomgaars, Ex, 104.89; Plainview City, Ex, 11,845.56; Central Valley, Ex, 9.49; Cornhusker Inl Truck, Ex, 6,816.47; Creston Fert, Ex, 2,610.40; Cubby’s, Ex, 58.28; Custer Co Hwy Dept, Ex, 124.88; Erppd, Ut, 401.54; Farmer’s Pride, Ex, 4,279.51; Hometown Station, Ex, 165.96; Hubel Welding, Ex, 1,780.28; Island Supply, Ex, 165.00; Jebro Inc, Ex, 9,927.17; Jeo Consulting, Ex, 6,075.00; Jonny Dodge, Ex, 1,379.04; Kumm Gas Co, Ex, 204.88; Lazy T Tire, Ex, 25.00; Medical Enterprises, Ex, 31.00; Mr S’s, Ex, 884.85; Newman Traffic Signs, Ex, 547.36; Norfolk Works, Ex, 30.00; Ok Auto Parts, Ex, 32.46; Ok Tire Store, Ex, 352.00; Orval’s Auto, Ex, 58.00; Quick Serve Oil, Ex , 192.00; Sapp Brother, Ex, 338.21; Shell Fleet, Ex, 338.21; Sinclair Sand, Ex, 6,409.58; Tinsley Grain, Ex, 1,099.80; 2 M Auto, Ex, 166.75.
(Brunswick Area) Bomgaars, Ex, 122.24; Fastenal Co, Ex, 28.25; Frontier Comm, Ut, 76.73; Green Line Equip, Ex, 37.12; Key Sanitation, Ut, 18.00; Kumm Gas, Ex, 488.37; Largen Mfg, Ex, 450.00; Mitteis Gravel, Ex, 681.62; Neligh Auto, Ex, 100.74; Nmc Exchange, Ex, 199.45; North Central Public Power, Ex, 158.52; 2 M Auto Repair, Ex, 540.16; Brunswick Village, Ut, 39.50.
(Orchard Area) Dusty’s, Ex, 116.21; Farmer’s Pride, Ex, 2,591.12; Frontier Comm, Ut, 64.44; Green Line Equip, Ex, 177.53; Lazy T Tire, Ex, 25.00; Ncppd, Ut, 83.76; Orchard Lbr, Ex, 47.05; Powerplan, Ex, 389.43; Source Gas, Ut, 195.24; T-J Corner Hardware, Ex, 29.58; Orchard Village, Ut, 30.50.
(Clearwater Area) Elkhorn Rural Public Power, Ut, 130.06; Farmer’s Pride, Ex, 2,183.76; Green Line Equip, Ex, 79.09; Kayton Inl, Ex, 3.24; Mitteis Gravel, Ex, 516.95; Ne Nebr Telephone, Ut, 49.77; Pollock Redi Mix, Ex, 2,946.87; Shell Fleet, Ex, 176.13; Source Gas, Ut, 351.36; Steffen, Ex, 335.39; Clearwater Village, Ut, 54.00,
(Neligh Area) Bomgaars, Ex, 27.97; Cubby’s, Ex, 183.64; Farmer’s Pride, Ex, 1,975.54; Frontier Comm, Ut, 60.54; Kayton Inl, Ex, 1,481.34; Mitteis Gravel, Ex, 1,383.61; Pollock Redi Mix, Ex, 94.07; Sanne Rpr, Ex, 2,470.14; Willow Creek Sand, Ex, 1,470.50.
(Tilden Area) Bomgaars, Ex, 48.97; Carhart Lmr, Ex, 259.80; Farmer’s Pride, Ex, 1,357.76; Frontier Comm, Ut, 58.61; Mr S’s, Ex, 161.41; Nebr Public Power, Ut, 129.17; Pollock Redi Mix, Ex, 402.47; Quick Serve Oil, Ex, 52.00; Road Builders, Ex, 1.96,
(Oakdale Area) Bomgaars, Ex, 14.99; Farmer’s Pride, Ex, 1,404.08; Great Palins Com, Ut, 70.18; Hometown Station, Ex, 42.55; Matteo Sand, Ex, 876.30; Mr S’s, Ex, 61.10; Pollock Redi Mix, Ex, 104.16.
(Elgin Area) Bomgaars, Ex, 45.94; Beckman, Ex, 1,386.35; Central Valley, Ex, 8.00; Elkhorn Rural Public Power, Ut, 48.14; Great Plains Comm, Ut, 51.44; Hometown Station, Ex, 138.93; Powerplan, Ex, 127.70; Sapp Bros, Ex, 1,837.81; Source Gas, Ut, 107.15,
Rod Preservation Fund: Mips, Ex, 260.21,
Building: Applied Connective Tech, Ex, 4,229.89; Bob Barker Co, Ex, 140.76; Bomgaars, Ex, 310.06; Boyd’s Electrical, Ex, 1,515.20; Carhart, Ex, 197.11; Cash-Wa Dist, Ex, 559.80; Cornhusker State Ind, Ex, 1,764.00; Kinnan Construction, Ex, 1,136.00; Metal Doors, Ex, 200.00; Midwest Storage, Ex, 506.48; Pinnacle Bank, Ex, 188.98; Platte Valley Comm, Ex, 25,940.10; Precision Glass, Ex, 583.00; Prochaska, Ex, 9,788.69; Radec Construction, Ex, 11,691.68; Reliable Office, Ex, 399.95; Safety Restraint Chair, Ex, 1,635.00; Switzer Welding, Ex, 634.00; Sysco, Ex, 3,163.88; Urbanec’s Furniture, Ex, 3,421.60,
Payroll (General): Total Payroll 69,954.69; Ameritas, Ret, 10,719.80; Withholding/Ss, Wh, 21,922.50; Garnishment, Garnishment, 1,142.57; Aflac, Ins, 98.54; Ameritas Dental, Ins, 1,959.91; Bc/Bs, Ins, 50,956.60; Colonial, Ins, 58.25; 1st Concord Benefits, Ins, 283.33; Madison National, Ins , 780.44; State Tax, St, 2,522.51; Washington National, Ins, 399.30,
Payroll: (Road & Bridge) Total Payroll, 45,798.58; Ameritas, Ret, 6,723.45; Garnishment, Garnishment, 767.70; Withholding/Ss, Wh, 13,963.38; Aflac, Ins, 337.49; Ameritas, Ins, 1,060.86; Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Nebr, Ins, 29,728.14; Colonial Life & Accident Ins, Ins, 64.80; 1st Concord Benefits, Ins, 208.33; Madison National Life, Ins, 405.30; Mid-American Benefits, Ins, 135.00; State Tax, St, 1,675.70; Washington National, Ins, 24.90,
Met with representatives from  Keystone XL Pipeline regarding update.
Approved 2 underground road permits for Morrison Farms.
Reviewed Treasurers April Fee Report.
Reviewed Sheriff’s April Fee Report.
Reviewed April’s District Court Fee Report.
John and Judy Wilcox met with the Board regarding clustering of towers.
Sheriff Moore met with the Supervisor regarding completion of Jail project.
Panic Buttons were discussed.  A proposed solution is being proposed by Applied Technologies.
Set Interim County Treasurer pay as other County Officials.
Meeting adjourned.
Antelope County Board of Supervisors
Chairman of County Board
Attest: LISA PAYNE /s/
Antelope County Clerk
PUBLISH: May 20, 2015

Proceedings — District #18 Board of Education

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Regular Meeting
Distance Learning Room, EPS
May 13, 2015, 7:30 PM
President Heithoff called the regular monthly meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.  Board members present were Steve Heithoff, Bob Hoefer, Steve Busteed, Doug Jones, and Laurie Waterbury.  Also present were Superintendent Dan Polk, Principal Greg Wemhoff. Absent for roll call was Stan Heithoff (arrived later)
President Heithoff led the “Pledge of Allegiance.”  Heithoff reminded everyone that a copy of the Nebraska Open Meetings Law was posted in the meeting room.
School board meeting notice complied with Meeting Notice Policy #204.07.
Laurie Waterbury motioned and Doug Jones second to approve the Consent Agenda as amended: #5- Minutes of Previous Meeting, #6- Adopt the Agenda, #7- Financial Report, #8- Board Bills. Motion carried, vote 5-0.
Appeara, Maintenance, $147.46; Beckman Lumber, Instru Expense, $86.00; Brown & Saenger, Instru Expense, $44.10; Central NE Rehab, SpEd Expense, $861.25; CVA, Instru Expense, $350.36; City of Elgin, Maintenance, $682.75; Columbus Music, Instru Expense, $525.50; Dean’s Market, Instru Expense, $110.37; ESU #8, SpEd Expense, “$13,509.33“; Elgin One Stop, Transportation, $989.40, $100.02; Elgin Pharmacy, Maintenance, $36.64; Elgin Review, Business Expense, $808.00, Board Expense, $149.90; Elite Office Products, Instru Expense, $286.47; Follett, Instru Expense, $55.96; Great Plains Comm., Business Expense, “$2,106.85“; Haddock Corp., Instru Expense, “$7,585.00“; HireRight, Transportation, $250.00; Hometown Station, Transportation, “$1,125.03“; “Iburg, Sherri”, SpEd Expense, $128.00; Island Supply, Instru Expense, $510.19; Jerry’s Fee Service, Maintenance, $19.53; Jonny Dodge, Transportation, $662.10; JW Pepper, Instru Expense, $977.32; MARC, Maintenance, $311.92; MSM Enterprises, SpEd Expense, $512.37; NCSA, Supt. Expense, $335.00; Onesource, Instru Expense, $36.00; Paper 101, Instru Expense, “$1,046.40“; Precision Repair, Transportation, $304.93; Reimbursement, “$1,987.28“; Schumacher Exterm., Maintenance, $80.00; Student Assurance Services, Business Expense, $260.00; Verizon Wireless, Business Expense, $53.20; Verizon Business, Business Expense, $50.71; “VSA, Inc.”, Instru Expense, $629.00; West Music, Instru Expense, $791.78; Winners’ Circle, Instru Expense, $137.50
Total Board Bills: “$38,643.62“
April Payroll: “$192,734.53“
Total Board Bills/ Payroll: “$231,378.15“
President Heithoff recognized visitors and asked if the patrons had any comments.  There was no correspondence.
President Heithoff reminded board members of upcoming NASB events.  Board members were invited to the staff appreciation luncheon to be held on May 19, 2014 at noon.  Staff recognition awards will be presented.
In Committee reports, the Wolfpack Co-op Committee met this past week.  Steve Busteed reported that the Wolfpack Basketball teams will compete in the Holiday Tourney at David City, NE.  The spring sports awards night will be held later in the year after golf and track districts.  Population of students is a concern for the upcoming years in junior high and high school football.  The golf coaching position remains unfilled.  Volleyball uniforms purchase will wait until normal rotation next year.  It was decided not to have wrestling cheerleaders.  Wolfpack Tailgate fundraiser will not be held this year but a soap scrimmage open to parents was discussed.
Stan Heithoff arrived at 7:44 p.m.
Principal Wemhoff asked Mrs. Drueke to demonstrate the use of technology being used in her classroom.  Emma Kerkman and Vada Kruse showed the use of Kahoot, Curriculet, Inigma, and Quizlet.  He reported on the past month’s activities and the upcoming events to close out the school year.
Supt. Polk reported that he is still working on the wind tower taxes and the effects on the budget.  There are still no applicants for the part-time Title 1 position.
In action items, Stan Heithoff motioned to approve the use of the field east of the gym for a circus on July 28th.  Steve Busteed second.  Vote 6-0, motion carried.
Eric Heithoff presented information regarding school-owned music instruments.  Waterbury motioned, Stan Heithoff second to approve the instrumental music purchase without the insurance warranty.  Vote 6-0, motion carried.
Stan Heithoff motioned, Jones second to approve classified employment agreements for 2015-16 school year.  Vote 6-0, motion carried.
Steve Busteed motioned, Waterbury second to approve the resignation of Ken Newcomb.  Vote 6-0, motion carried.
Jones motioned, Busteed second to approve the teaching contract of Dorothy Heithoff as junior high math teacher for 2015-16 school year subject to being released from her teaching contract.  Busteed, Steve Heithoff, Bob Hoefer, Jones, Waterbury voted yes, Stan Heithoff abstained.  Motion carried.
Additional changes were mentioned for the board policies in the sections 900 and 1000.  Hoefer motioned, Waterbury second to approve board policies in sections 900 and 1000 on second and final reading as amended.  Vote 6-0, motion carried.
Social sciences are next in the textbook purchase rotation.  Hoefer motioned, Jones second to approve social sciences textbook purchases in grades 6-12 subject to Americanism Committee approval.  Vote 6-0, motion carried.
Stan Heithoff motioned, seconded by Waterbury to approve all handbooks as amended.  Vote 6-0, motion carried.
Motion by Jones, seconded by Hoefer to approve Eagle Co-op for band with Pope John.  Vote 6-0, motion carried.
Motion by Waterbury and seconded by Busteed to enter closed session for negotiations/staffing for the protection of the public interest.  Steve Heithoff restated the motion and a vote was taken.  Vote 6-0, motion carried.  The board entered closed session at 8:51 p.m.  The board returned from closed session at 9:44 p.m.  No action was taken.
Motion by Hoefer, seconded by Busteed to adjourn the meeting.  Vote 6-0, motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.
The next regular meeting will be held on June 11, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. in the Distance Learning Room at Elgin Public School.
Respectfully submitted,
Doug Jones, Secretary
Paula Jensen, Recorder
-This is a draft copy and does not become official Elgin Public Board minutes until approved at the next regular or advertised meeting.
PUBLISH: May 20, 2015

Help Needed For Poppies To Be Taken To Cemetery

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The American Legion Auxiliary will be taking Poppies to the cemetery on Friday, May 22.  Many hands make light work and the Auxiliary is asking for all volunteers to meet at Brian and Dodi Mack’s garage at 4 p.m.

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