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Proceedings — Antelope County Board of Supervisors

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Neligh, Nebraska
January 6, 2015
Notice of meeting published as required by statute.
A complete record of these minutes as well as all resolutions and agreements are on file at the County Clerk’s office and are open to the public.
Those responding to roll call: Brandt, Kerkman, Baker, Williby, Henery and Schwager. Bolling absent.
No action taken on the insurance claim for Nancy Pedersen.
Heard and update from Invenergy.
Set the official county newspapers for 2015.
Approved paying the NE Nebraska RC&D dues for 2015.
Approved the two applications for permit to place permanent phone lines beneath various roads within Antelope County.
Approved the December 2, 2014 and December 9, 2014 county board minutes.
Appointed the NIRMA contact person.
Discussed pulling down a hill on the Royal road.
Opened as a County Board of Equalization at 9:30 AM; recessed at 9:30 AM to discuss other issues.
Adopted the Stop Sign Resolution for the intersection of 533 Avenue and 870 Road.
Reviewed the One and Six Year Road Program and set the hearing for February 3, 2015 beginning at 10:00 AM.
Approved allowing the county sheriff to purchase two new walkie-talkies from the miscellaneous general fund.
Authorized the chairman to sign amendment #1 to the National Insurance Services Trust Joinder Agreement for Group Term Life Insurance.
Denied the claim submitted by Bobby Johnston for snow removal.
Went into executive session at 10:07 AM to discuss the re-hire of former county employees Matthew Wilkinson and Doug Dennis; went out of executive session at 10:27 AM.
Approved the re-hire of Matthew Wilkinson.
Denied the re-hire of Doug Dennis.
Approved requesting NACO to allow the county back on the group health insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield as the county’s health insurance provider.
Authorized the chairman to sign the contract with Great Plains Communications for the fiber optic upgrade at the new jail facility.
Re-convened as a County Board of Equalization at 11:09 AM; adjourned at 11:15 AM.
Reviewed correspondence.
Reviewed the township billings.
Supervisors Kerkman, Williby and Schwager conducted the 1st quarter jail inspection.
Discussed the billing sent to Madison County for the Responsible Charge fees related to the Tilden North Bridge Project.
Discussed the insurance coverage for the Old County Museum building.
Approved the request from the Antelope County Improvement fund.
Meeting adjourned.
Antelope County Board of Supervisors
Chairman of County Board
Attest: CAROLYN PEDERSEN /s/ Antelope County Clerk
PUBLISH: January 14, 2015

Proceedings — Elgin City Council

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January 5, 2015
The Elgin City Council met in regular session on Monday, January 5, 2015, at 7:30 p.m., pursuant to posted notice. Mayor Schmitt called the meeting to order, and announced the location of the Open Meeting Act.
Council members present were Jim Kittelson, Don Mackel and Duane Miller.
After the Oath of Office appointed Councilman John “Mike” Dvorak was also in attendance.
A complete and accurate copy of the minutes is available for public inspection during normal business hours at the City Clerk’s office.
The following agenda items were approved:
• December regular meeting minutes, reorganizational meeting minutes, treasurer’s report, transaction report, and paying the claims.
GENERAL: ERPPD, se, 89.39; Great Plains Communications, se, 56.38; Fitzgerald, Vetter & Temple, se, 398.59; Jeannette Meis, se, 75.00; Prudential, retirement, 590.80; USTreasury, tax, 2656.04; Dean’s Market, su, 273.19; APPEARA, su, 38.50; Elgin Review, se, 51.85; Bank of Elgin, ins, 1800.00; Bank of Elgin, loan, 500.00; Source Gas, heat, 222.25; NE Dept of Revenue, tax, 796.71; Eakes Office Products, su, 122.37; Antelope Co. Clerk, election, 103.66; Allied Insurance, bond, 250.00; V.Miller, su, 476.00; Payroll, 1667.02
SALES TAX: To General; $1772.66
STREET: ERPPD, se, 1549.74; Verizonwireless, su, 14.37; Source Gas, se, 123.74; Elgin One Stop, su, 228.22; The Station, fuel, 435.88; Elgin Insurance Services, ins, 5.00; Kayton, machine rent, 1100.00; Sapp Bros, su, 202.64; Beckman Lumber, su, 72.45; Payroll, 1733.41
WATER: ERPPD, se, 605.26; NE Dept of Revenue, tax, 825.28; Verizonwireless, su, 14.37; Great Plains Communications, se, 92.14; NE Health Lab, test, 70.00; One Call Concept, se, .93; NRWA, class, 375.00; Elgin Review, su, 92.50; Bank of Elgin, returned check, 198.76; US Post Office, su, 17.95; Returned Deposits,
1350.00; Payroll, 3466.79
SEWER: ERPPD, se, 953.94; NE Department of Revenue, tax, 328.40; Great Plains Communications, se, 47.63; Midwest Lab Inc, testing, 152.58; One Call Concept, se, .92; Dean’s Market, su, 1.50; League Utilities Section, class,
75.00; MARC, su, 685.07; Sapp Bros, su, 325.57; Payroll, 1328.77
FIRE: ERPPD, se, 263.61; Great Plains Communications, se, 53.41; APPEARA, su, 38.50; Source Gas, se505.49; Bank of Elgin, loan, 3693.42
POLICE: Antelope Co Sheriff, se, 2600.00
TRASH PICKUP/RECYCLING: Bud’s Sanitary Service, se, 4732.00; Betty Moser, rent, 100.00
POOL: ERPPD, se, 28.09; Source Gas, se, 27.00
PARK: ERPPD, se, 92.56; Central Valley Ag, su, 35.10; Payroll, 404.61
LIBRARY: ERPPD, se, 60.50; Source Gas, se, 111.36; Amazon, bks, 97.42; Gale, bks, 93.36; Great Plains Communications,
Se, 28.98; Payroll, 909.77
• Appointment of John “Mike” Dvorak to fill the Ward 2 Councilman vacancy
• Oath of Office to John “Mike” Dvorak
• Don Mackel as Council President
• Building Permits: Karl Hensley
Discussions were held on:
• Relining of water well #77-1
• Water and Sewer lines to Michael Moser property at 307 Bowen Street
• Great job of snow removal by City maintenance
• Interest in the recycling trailer
• Internet and locking file cabinets for the fire hall
• Pool Study
• Sheriff’s Report for December and totals for 2014
• Next regular meeting will be held on Monday, February 2, 2015
• Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.
PUBLISH: January 14, 2015

Notice Of Meeting — Nebraska Power Review Board

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In the Matter of the Application of Prairie Breeze Wind Energy II, LLC, Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Requesting Authority to Construct
A 73.5 Megawatt Wind Turbine Electric Generation Facility and Related Facilities in Antelope and Boone Counties, Nebraska.
On January 2, 2015, Prairie Breeze Wind Energy II, LLC, filed an application with the Nebraska Power Review Board (the Board) requesting approval to construct a 73.5 megawatt wind turbine electric generation facility and related facilities. The related facilities will include a substation, switchyard, an operation and maintenance facility, an interconnection tie line, and access roads. The proposed location for the facility is generally east of the City of Elgin in Antelope and Boone counties, Nebraska. The facility is expected to consist of approximately 40 wind turbine units. The total estimated cost of the project is $125 million. The applicant estimates construction would begin in May 1, 2015.
Notice is hereby given that the Nebraska Power Review Board will hold a formal evidentiary hearing on January 23, 2015, beginning at 9:30 a.m., in the Liquor Control Commission hearing room, 5th floor, Nebraska State Office Building, 301 Centennial Mall South, Lincoln, Nebraska, to consider the above-referenced application. At that time the Power Review Board will receive testimony and other evidence regarding the construction of the proposed project.
Any interested person may attend the hearing. Parties wishing to be heard or to protest said application, or in any way participate in the hearing, must file a written Petition for Intervention with the Power Review Board prior to the close of business on January 22, 2015. Any interested parties granted intervention may appear, file objections, and offer evidence regarding this application.
The Board hereby provides notice, pursuant to the Nebraska Administrative Procedure Act, that in the event of a contested hearing, if any party requests that the Board be bound by the formal rules of ev

Power Review Board To Review Prairie Breeze II Application

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Having approval for a conditional use permit from Antelope County, and having found a long-term buyer of wind energy to be generated by Prairie Breeze II, the next step in the construction of the new wind farm will take place in a conference room in Lincoln on Friday, January 23.
Earlier this month, Prairie Breeze Wind Energy II, LLC, filed an application with the Nebraska Power Review Board requesting approval to construct a 73.5 megawatt wind turbine electric generation facility, and related facilities.
In this week’s issue of The Elgin Review, a public notice with details regarding the application can be found on Page Five.
The location for the farm is generally east of Elgin in Antelope and Boone counties and is expected to consist of approximately 40 wind turbine units.
The total estimated cost of the project is $125 million. Construction of the wind farm is estimated to begin around May 1.
The power review board will hold a formal evidentiary hearing on Jan. 23, beginning at 9:30 a.m. in the Liquor Control Commission hearing room, fifth floor, Nebraska State Office Building located at 301 Centennial Mall South in Lincoln.
At that time testimony and other evidence regarding the construction of the wind farm will be accepted.
The power review board is a state agency created in 1963 to regulate Nebraska’s publicly owned electrical utility industry. It consists of five members appointed by the governor.
One of the primary functions of the board is to approve the construction of new electric generation facilities in the state and the construction or acquisition of transmission lines or related facilities carrying more than 700 volts.
Serving on the board are Frank Reida, Dennis Grennan, Stephen Lichter, Chuck Haase and Rick Morehouse.
The hearing is part of the process, the same steps which were followed when Prairie Breeze I wind farm applied for its permit.
During the construction phase, as many as 200 construction jobs and seven permanent jobs will be created with Prairie Breeze II. Once completed, Lincoln Electric System (LES) will purchase power generated from the wind farm as part of a 25-year contract.
Prairie Breeze II will be located on approximately 15,000 acres of land.

BCHC Adds Two New Doctors To Specialty Clinics

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The Boone County Health Center is pleased to announce the addition of two doctors to its Specialty Clinics.  Dr. Brandon Borer is a podiatric surgeon specializing in foot and ankle injuries.  He joins Drs. Richard Cimpl, Michael McGuire, Ed Fehringer and Dustin Volkmer of Columbus Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Clinic.
Dr. Borer graduated from the University of Nebraska-Kearney and received his medical degree from the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine.  He completed his residency at Community Westview Hospital in Indianapolis, at which time he was named the Chief Resident.  He is a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association and American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.
Dr. Borer is a Petersburg native and a 2003 Boone Central graduate.  His parents are Kevin and Jodie Borer of the Petersburg/Albion area.  Dr. Borer and his wife Casey are the parents of two children, Olivia who is 4 and one year old William.
Dr. Borer is at the Specialty Clinic on the second Friday and last Wednesday of each month.  Patients wishing to see Dr. Borer need a referral from their primary care provider.
Ear, Nose, Throat Clinic
Dr. Paul Sherrerd will begin seeing patients in the middle of January at the Specialty Clinic held at the Health Center in Albion.  Dr. Sherrerd is an Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) doctor specializing in diseases or conditions of the ear, nose, throat, hearing loss, and sinuses.  Dr. Sherrerd also sees pediatric patients dealing with chronic ear infections, tonsils and adenoids conditions.
Dr. Sherrerd’s main clinic is the Family Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic located in Omaha.  Dr. Sherrerd graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical School with distinction in 1977.  He completed both an internship and residency at the Medical Center.  He is the author of several scholarly articles and presentations.  Dr. Sherrerd is Board Certificated in Otolaryngology and is a member of both the Nebraska and American Academy of Otolaryngology.
Dr. Sherred and his wife Mary Lou reside in Omaha and have a son and a daughter.
Starting in January, Dr. Sherred will be available for appointments on the second Friday of each month.  Patients wishing to make an appointment with Dr. Sherrerd can be referred through their primary medical provider.

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