Notice of Meeting – Antelope County Planning Commission

The Antelope County Planning Commission will hold a meeting on Thursday, March 22, 2012 at the Antelope County Courthouse beginning at 1:00 pm. Public hearings will also be held. These include reviewing possible amendments to the zoning regulations; a Conditional Use Permit for Ron Beckman for the construction of a storage unit located in the SE ¼ 11-23-7; Conditional Use Permit for Ron Schrad for the construction of an addition to his kitchen; the annual review of PST’s permit and possible additional land for application of manure for two of PST’s sites. Additional land sites include S ½ SE ¼ 17-26-6, and W ½ 15-26-6, Antelope County Nebraska.
The regulations and permits may be examined in the office of the Antelope County Clerk or the Zoning Office during normal business hours at any time prior to the public hearings. All interested parties may offer oral comments at the public hearings and/or may file written comments with the Antelope County Planning Commission provided such written comments are received by the Commission prior to close of business, Monday, March 19, 2011. Written comments may be mailed to Antelope County Planning Commission, 501 M Street, Rm. 8, Neligh NE 68756.
An agenda, which is kept continually current, is available at the Zoning Office for public inspection.
Publish: March 7, 2012