2010 Census Shows Population Decline

If you thought there were fewer people in Elgin and Antelope County, you’re right.

Data released from the 2010 U.S. Census showed Antelope County as being one of 23 across Nebraska who saw a population decline of between 10.1 percent and 18 percent.

Antelope County population, as recorded in the 2000 Census was 7,452. This time around, the population count was 6,685, a loss of 665 residents.

Here in Elgin, the 2010 Census showed a population of 661, a decline of 74 residents from 10 years ago when the population was listed at 735.

Our neighbors to the south in Petersburg saw their population drop by 41 to 333 persons. In 2000, the population was listed at 374.

The report was not all negative as the state gained more than 115,000 residents. Percentage wise, that’s a growth rate of 6.7 percent.

Other unique statistics derived from the Census were:

• More than half of all Nebraskans are now living in three eastern counties. They are Lancaster, Sarpy and Douglas counties.

• Sixty-nine counties lost population when compared with Census figures from 10 years ago. The trend reflects an increase as the previous Census (taken back in 2000) showed just 53 counties losing population.

• LaVista posted the largest percentage growth rate (35 percent) among the 20 largest cities in the state.

• Douglas County has the highest population (517,110).

• Boone County saw their population drop to 5,505 residents, a loss of 754 people from 10 years ago.

• Wheeler County saw their population dip by 7.7 percent from 886 in 2000 to the current population total of 818.