Antelope County Deputy Sheriff Hartman And Family To Call Elgin Home

Last week the Antelope County Sheriff’s Department added a new deputy who will be living here in Elgin.
Sheriff Bob Moore announced that Doug Hartman, 24, will be serving Antelope County.
With the departure earlier this year of Deputy Sheriff Tim Schultz who lived near Elgin High School, Moore has been searching for a deputy to not only fill the vacancy, but to live here in Elgin.
With Hartman’s hire, Moore has accomplished both of his goals.
Hartman, joined by his wife Kristie and toddler Russell, who will soon be two years of age, stopped in The Elgin Review Friday afternoon to introduce himself and his family.
A native of California, Russell most recently worked for the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department, dating back to December 2014.
“I always wanted to do law enforcement,” he said. A student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he majored in criminal justice. He’s been living in Nebraska for the past five years and now considers the Cornhusker State to be home.
One of the benefits of hiring Hartman is that he completed law enforcement training back in October 2015, meaning that Antelope County won’t have to pay to send another officer for the training which is required to be a deputy sheriff. The county will also benefit from the knowledge he has gained in advanced drug law enforcement as well as homeland security.
One thing is for certain after meeting Hartman — he likes people. “People are important,” he said, noting how getting to know the community is an important part in being a good law enforcement officer. He said being able to live and work in a community which supports law enforcement is a big advantage in today’s world.
Hartman said he appreciates the amount of experience in the sheriff’s department and he’s looking forward to working with Sheriff Moore. “He’s very much an ethical sheriff,” he said. “He treats everyone with respect.”