Approx. 1,000 ERPPD Customers Without Power This Morning

iceIce, coupled with high winds, left approximately 1,000 Elkhorn Rural Public Power District (ERPPD) customers without power this morning, according to ERPPD spokesperson Jennifer Adams. Adams said that icing in the Elgin area, along with gusty winds, caused the power lines to start jumping. Adams said that, among the things that can happen under those circumstances, breakers can trip like they did this morning. Witnesses say a “fire ball” was seen at one of Elgin’s two sub-stations (one 3 miles east of town and one 5 miles west of town) around 6 a.m., the time that the power went out for Elgin residents. Both sub-stations were affected. Crews worked to get the power back on shortly before 8 a.m.  The Elgin Review